Girltank, Social Network of Women Changemakers


is a movement inspired by young women leaders who are making a difference in their communities. The hybrid non-profit and for-profit social enterprise, co-founded by Tara Roberts and Sejal Hathi, uses technology and virtual platforms to encourage the collaborative potential and enhance the voices of young women social entrepreneurs interested in or working to start, grow and scale their enterprises. Girltank’s network of women changemakers spans six continents and they recently concluded their 10,000 names in 100 days project to find “gamechangers” via online nominations.

Tara Roberts has worked as an editor at Essence Ebony, Heart & Soul and CosmoGirl magazines. She edited two books for girls—”Am I the Last Virgin?” and “What Your Mama Never Told You.”  “Am I the Last Virgin?” was nominated as a best book for reluctant readers by the American Library Association and named one of the best books for teens by the New York Public Library. Tara also published her own magazine, Fierce, which was nominated by Utne magazine as one of the best new independent magazines in 2003. 

Sejal Hathi and Tara Roberts, founders of Girltank.

Sejal Hathi and Tara Roberts, founders of Girltank.

What inspired you to start Girltank?

I was traveling around the world interviewing young women changemakers for a book. As I talked to these amazing young women, I realized that most of them did not know each other or know anything about each other’s work. And I wondered if a supportive global community would make a difference in the substance, growth and longevity of their ventures.

How does Girltank work?

We provide a space for young women changemakers to connect to each other and to mentors for advice, inspiration and mentorship, and we connect them to donors and supporters to help crowdfund money for their projects and ideas. And finally, we share their work with the world to inspire other girls and to show the world that young women are making a powerful contribution to society.

What do you think makes Girltank members unique?

They are all committed to making a difference in the world and they’re willing to help and support each other.

What has been your biggest challenge in building up Girltank and how did you overcome it?

Figuring out the best way to build a community among so many geographically diverse people. We hope that innovative technology will provide the best answer.

Can you describe some of the work Girltank members are doing around the world?

It spans the gamut from building honey tasting heritage trails in Turkey to raising awareness about women of color surfers to building orphanages in Nepal. Girltankers are choosing to have an impact on the world in many, many ways. Why do you think they find these causes more urgent than others? I think the members gravitate toward whatever touches their hearts most. The work is often very personal.

Currently, you are in Chile with Startup Chile, can you tell us about your work there and your experience being in Chile?

Start-Up Chile has been an amazing experience in learning and exploring another culture and in being surrounded by and connected to hundreds of motivated and passionate entrepreneurs from around the world. It’s been wonderful to tap into so many creative and generous minds.

What is your end goal for Girltank?

To transform the shape and face of leadership worldwide.

How can we learn more or get involved with Girltank?

You can visit any of the links below to find our more about us:

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