Web Redesign



  • Website redesign to showcase their global exposure and stories of impact
  • Content research and generation

CLIENT: Catapult Design

Catapult Design is a Denver-based design firm which works with socially-driven organizations to build forward-looking, accessible, and market-based products and services. They provide low income and underserved people in Africa, Asia and the US with reliable tools to improve their quality of life. 


Challenge: Redesign website

The premise of the design is to propose a new web design for the nonprofit organization, Catapult Design, in order to assist the organization in expanding their audience reach, highlight their storytelling abilities and engage the community.

The goal of the prototype is to:

  • Identify the key objectives of potential users and the staff of the organization
    • Update the look and feel of the website
    • Achieve a clean and pared down look
    • Showcase the relevant information
    • Maintain the down-to-earth feel of the original site
    • Highlight the integral elements of the organization, which are:
      • Their set of expertise
      • Their global reach 
      • Compelling stories


  • I conducted a needs analysis interview with the client to find out the overall goals of the website redesign and developed a questionnaire for client to fill out
  • The client preferred to answer over the phone, which I found was better for the project. Speaking to her directly provide more in-depth insights into what their objectives and needs are for the website redesign than a simple survey answer would have done.
  • This was followed by an analysis of the website analytics through several online tools, which were able to pull data regarding their SEO, content information, keywords, search rankings, site performance and analytics.
  • I researched and analyzed a variety of websites, both for profit and nonprofit, to find the best combination of look and feel plus coherence of the site.
  • Once that was done, I started the ideation process and sketched out several sitemaps and wireframes for the site.
  •  I created the layout the landing page and followed the sitemap to develop the main pages and subpages that I found were necessary to showcase the prototype’s goals.

Client Feedback:

What worked well

  • Partnering With Us and How to Take Action was more emphasized
  • Much clearer that you can subscribe to the newsletter
  • The initiative the person is looking at is highlighted in the circle guide, but there are options to browse the other initiatives as well

What needs improvement

  • She would prefer for the map to be grayscale using highlighted areas or dots to indicate the different regions Catapult works in
  • Desires the ability to browse projects by location, by services and thematic area: agriculture, enterprise, etc.
  • To integrate the Updates with the Press/Media section since they are all news about the organization

Effective design

  • Client likes the overall look and feel
  • Use of clean lines and what is important to the organization is emphasized clearly