Organizational Redesign



  • Redesigned internal structures and systems for the communications and marketing team

Client: Javara

A food-focused social enterprise working with 50,000 smallholder farmers in Indonesia and leading purveyor of artisanal food products.

Photo: Javara

Photo: Javara


  • To create local brand awareness and community outreach
  • To increase customer knowledge and interaction with the brand by hosting educational events around food diversity


  • The project involved working on creating systems, team realignment and training programs over a period of 6 months.

  • Setting the Baseline: I started by analyzing existing workflows and systems, levels of efficiency, influence in the local and global food sectors. To gain a better insight into the organization, I conducted informal interviews with the various stakeholders, including the Javara team, their consumers, the farmers, and suppliers. 

  • Analyzing Insights: We reviewed the key players and influencers in the arena that we can call upon for future partnerships. One of the goals was to determine what Javara wants to be known for both locally and globally, and what features of the company we should showcase in the marketing deliverables. 

  • Content Strategy: The team and I created personas for the Javara buyer and worked on creating the "Javara" vocabulary to send a uniformed message internally and externally. We prioritized content topics depending on the distribution channel: industry events or in-house workshops, social media or company brochure. Then we tested and reviewed the content on a monthly basis.

  • Organizational Design: To increase sales and brand awareness, I had to redesign the systems and structures of multiple departments. I started by working with the CFO on developing a digital filing system to archive their comprehensive archive of indigenous food knowledge and reorganized the product categories to make it easier to market.

  • Physical Dynamics & Team Realignment: To encourage more collaboration and accountability within the young team in the office, I advised the COO on restructuring the office space. We opened up the work area and arranged desks so older staff were coupled with younger ones. Aside from ensuring discipline, it also fostered a more nurturing environment between the staff.

  • Educational Training: To help increase sales figures during events and on the retail floor, I trained a team in marketing best practices and service channel delivery, from Awareness to Closure.

  • Implementing New Systems: Lastly, I instituted a policy for all communication deliverables to have a PIC and support team as well as a weekly huddle for multiple departments to discuss upcoming deliverables.


  • Digitally archiving the food knowledge and photographs from the field provided a more efficient way to produce marketing deliverables
  • Reorganizing the food categories proved helpful for the sitemap navigation and creation of the new Javara website
  • The training improved staff's marketing proficiency and we managed to secure a partnership with a retail store and a publishing house to co-partner on educational workshops
  • Marketing and event deliverables began to be dispatched at a steadier and more consistent pace due to the weekly huddles