I have been honoured to work with wonderful artists, visionaries and changemakers to design brand stories for their communities

Sectors I work with include

Arts & Culture • Agriculture • Education • Fine Arts • Financial Tech • Food & Beverage

Infrastructure • Media: Print, Film & TV • Nonprofits • Social Impact • Startups • Women's Empowerment


The Change School, Singapore

"Tita is an extremely passionate individual and this is one of the main reasons we work with her. In addition we enjoy working with Tita because of her  ability to see the bigger vision and to connect the dots between current demands and future needs with a particular focus on the social innovation space."

Grace Clapham, Co-founder of The Change School

Endeavor, Indonesia

"As a new organization, I needed someone who I can brainstorm and build strategy with, and Titania’s breadth of knowledge, especially in the social entrepreneurship space as well as her out-of –the box thinking was truly an asset."

Sati Rasuanto, Managing Director, Endeavor Indonesia

LGT Venture Philanthropy, Asia

"Her impressive track-record, strategic mindset and immediate understanding of the company's needs have been highly valuable in helping our investee to draw and implement its marketing strategy. Titania is a driven individual with incredible interpersonal skills. "

David Soukhasing, Southeast Asia Investment Manager of LGT Venture Philanthropy


SocialTIC, Mexico

"Titania can understand your communications challenges and test-drive solutions that can be helpful for your organization. She makes it easy to implement changes to solve communication handicaps and increase effectiveness, and has an amazing drive to get things done and a beautiful vibe with everyone."

Juan Manuel Casanueva, Founding Executive Director, SocialTIC

Asia Society, US

"Ms. Veda brings a curious mind and a sharp intellect to all of her projects."

Anne Kirkup, Administrative Manager, Asia Society Cultural Programs

London International Festival of Theatre, UK

“Whilst working at LIFT Titania brought an enthusiasm and can-do attitude to the organization and our communications strategy that elevated our approach to connecting with our audience. She tackled every task and challenge put to her with as sunny smile and clarity of vision to think outside of the box and try new and exciting approaches to LIFT’s marketing.” 

Jonathan May, Digital Producer, LIFT Festival



“Titania is a very pleasant, warm, and helpful person. YPO-WPO is very fortunate to have her support when we need help for good writing. She is an avid and enthusiastic writer who transforms ordinary writing to extraordinary."

Christina Lim, Education Chair, YPO

Serpentine Galleries

"Titania has assisted me remarkably on numerous projects including the exhibitions Uncertain States of America and China Power Station at Battersea. She has approached a variety of tasks with equal competence and energy; nothing has fazed her. She is a confident and effective communicator, and quickly builds a rapport with a wide range of people. Most importantly, I feel that her enthusiasm has enabled her to make the most of her experiences available to her."

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-director, Serpentine Galleries

Refuge Point

"I chose to work with Titania because of her creativity and thoughtfulness and engagement around refugee affairs. I felt that she has a gift for finding new angles to present entrenched problems.."

Sasha Chanoff, Founder & Executive Director, Refuge Point


Jakarta Property Institute

"I knew Titania through her vast exposure in the industry and her relentless effort to assist. She is both very professional yet personable, a rare talent to find these days in the world. There were situations that required additional effort to pull thru, and she never hesitated a moment to jump in and offer the extra mile. All in all, she is a gem."

Wendy Haryanto, Executive Director, Jakarta Property Institute

BeritaSatu Media Holdings

"Though I was not her direct supervisor, her articles on Indonesia's art and culture often caught my eye and those of the editors of the newspaper. She currently freelances for us as an arts foreign correspondent from New York and London. Her article on the Indonesian contemporary art penetrating the London art world was well-researched and an interesting read. We expect no less from her."

John Riady, Director, BeritaSatu Media Holdings

Krakakoa Chocolate

"Tita is a creative, organized, multi-taker, passionate about the work she does. She brought her positive energy and enthusiasm to our project, and is a great connector who has opened many doors for our company."

Sabrina Mustopo, Co-founder, Krakakoa (formerly Kakoa) 


UNESCO Burundi

Teach for the Philippines

Tedx Jakarta


Nike Foundation Girl Effect

Javara indigenous indonesia

Ashoka Changemakers