A Gift for the Heart


T'was the night before x-mas...And I have a gift for all the dreamers out there. It is a film by the legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki called "Whisper of the Heart", a tender story about youth and the pursuit of dreams. Oh, and the pursuit of a cat too. Miyazaki loves the whimsical, after all =)

So what's the gift and what's to love about two kids and a fat cat? Well, there were the gifts of...

  • Choice: When Shizuku, the 14-year-old heroine, diverges from a path chosen by her parents and goes her own way, I expected her elders to force the child back onto the well-trodden path. I was pleasantly surprised to see Shizuku's father be supportive of her divergent ways. He let her see herself where it would lead. He gave her the gift of choice.
  • Curiosity: One day, Shizuku sees a cat and follows it. She believed in her heart that there will be a story at the end; that it'll be a good one. She followed a whim, trusted the universe, and began to wonder. She gave herself the gift of curiosity.
  • Inspiration: Even when we know how to realize our dreams, we get in our own way. Sometimes we need a push. Someone to inspire us because they're pursuing their dreams. Someone to tell us to be brave. Someone who believes in us. Inspiration propels action. Inspiration creates magick. Shizuku's friends gave her the gifts of support and inspiration.

Did I also mention the film includes an awesome Japanese version of John Denver's classic song "Country Road"? Listen here.

Titania Veda